Five ways apps have changed the way we live

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The Smartphone has truly revolutionised the way we live and whilst many a pessimist would describe such changes as decidedly anti-social (pointing to society’s seeming addiction to social media) there are many, many ways in which Smartphone applications have changed our lives for the better. So here we take a look at just five, life enhancing positives of Smartphone applications.

We’re now more organised than ever before

We say goodbye to simplistic organisers that are decidedly desktop based and rather boring, and hello to organisers that not only can include everything from alarms and motivational goal countdowns, but that also provide for collaborative planning and organising.

So whether you’re a team within a company, or a family within the home, you can plan and organise everything together.

The range of weather apps means a lot to a variety of different users

No longer do businesses with worldwide logistics networks need to check in with online weather updates, instead their entire network can be integrated with worldwide weather reports that dynamically alter delivery routes.

Equally the range of weather apps have helped our personal lives and today we can look forward to everything from simple weather predictions to reliable guidance provided for areas affected by natural weather induced disasters.

We’re now globally connected through social media

Social media goes far, far beyond the everyday selfie, and goes on to connect vulnerable societies to a world of media; and there may be no better an example of this than the recent Arab Spring, where news of corrupt governments and even of nationally organised torture regimes has been broadcast and brought to the attention of the world.

We are today a nation of dedicated Smartphone gamers

Since the very first Apple iPhone emerged an insatiable appetite for Smartphone games has grown and, since the very first few Smartphone handsets hit the retailers’ shelves, arcade games have been the most popular app genre of all. Today this gaming genre market is worth a staggering $20 billion, which equates to 16% of the total gaming revenue in the entire world (Statista 2015).

We are undertaking everyday tasks more easily and faster than ever before

From banking apps that allow us to pay our bills from the bus, right through to the local supermarket’s app that ensures that your shopping is awaiting your return from work, today apps truly have made everyday tasks a whole lot easier and faster.

Applications have undoubtedly changed the ways in which we live, and at APIXU we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for a world of ever advancing Smartphone technology.

One thing that the APIXU team do know however is that for developers who are coding weather apps, there can be no substitute for solid data that is always reliable and always able to predict the weather.

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