Five weather apps that are working up a storm

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Weather apps. Do you think that they’re just going to tell you whether you should wear a coat tomorrow, or predict how your hair will fare on that Friday Autumn’s evening? Well, think again! The weather apps of today are changing and, in some instances, are even saving lives. So here we take a look at five of the very best of weather apps that truly show even the most talented of developers how things are done.


1. Storm Shield

Storm Shield is one of many storm and emergency weather based applications that are helping people in protecting themselves from the harshest of elements. Features include to-the-second reporting on extreme weather such as thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as National Alerts on any upcoming dangers.


2. NOAA Radar Pro

NOAA Radar Pro is another extreme weather app. However with highly customisable maps and features this app may be said to be a whole lot friendlier for weather pros (such as those planning ahead for extreme weather events). It also offers Apple Watch support, which is in itself something that may play an increasingly important role within everyday lives to Apple users.


3. MeteoEarth

MeteoEarth takes weather reporting to a whole new level and is utilised by meteorologists and weather professionals the world over. Amongst the many features of this app are map and globe displays with complex precipitation, wind and temperature data displayed over the top.


4. Haze

Haze makes for one of the most beautiful weather based applications out there. It harnesses animations and audio-visual elements to create an immersive, yet simplistic interface. Other features within the Haze app include a five day forecast, sunshine hours, UV, cloud coverage, high and low temperatures and wind information.


5.Carrot Weather

Let’s finish with a weather app that has taken a rather different approach to traditional weather forecasting. Carrot Weather features all that you would usually expect from such an app (including a daily weather report, a 7 day forecast and precipitation stats) however it also comes with plenty of sarcasm as well as the odd weather-related joke. This app is perfect for perking up those dull, dreary Monday mornings!


At APIXU we love geeking out on all that the latest weather apps have brought to the table and we’re pretty proud to say that behind every great weather app is a weather API that serves up consistently solid data streams and a respectable list of features to boot.

So don’t compromise on your weather API, choose APIXU and look forward to building the next weather app that rocks the socks off Smartphone users from around the world.

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