The ever changing impact of the weather

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The past decade of weather has been filled with plenty of changes, from the last few years being the warmest in history to the all-important ice filled Northern hemisphere being subject to the most dramatic of temperature changes.


With such significant developments occurring on a regular basis, it’s relevant to ask just what this predicted future of unpredictable weather means for the average Joe’s life. How may the potential changes in weather affect the ways in which we do business?


In this article we take a look at a few poignant possibilities for both our personal and business lives as the weather chops and changes.

The warming temperatures are going to make for a future of extremes

Summers will be getting warmer, stormy seasons are set to become ever more violent and winters are predicted to become all the colder, harsher and inhospitable.


Of course to just how much of an extent these statements come into fruition is a matter for debate, and what it may mean is that natural events around the world, such as droughts, tsunamis, cyclones and storms look set to become ever more hard hitting. This then means that for the professional bodies responsible for protecting people around the world from such natural events the challenges simply become all the more unpredictable, as well as ever more serious.


For the global business with a worldwide logistics network there exists a future of challenges

For the global business the future of unpredictable weather poses many challenges, not least of which is the problem of making contingency plans for delays caused by severe weather. The only real way of adapting and fitting to the challenges that this weather may present is to ensure that comprehensive planning is undertaken, and that this is based upon constantly up-to-date information that is reacted to quickly and effectively.


The rising temperatures in already warm countries may affect tourist industries and decrease productivity

Countries that are already warm may well suffer sooner rather than later as the global temperatures rise. This could result in reduced tourism trade as well as increasingly less effective productivity rates amongst working populations that become exhausted far more quickly in hotter temperatures.


Of course for certain manufacturers within these countries this will mean rich pickings (such as air conditioning and fan manufacturers, and drinks retailers).


Green taxes may hit both the private household, as well as the commercial

Certain countries are already passing a plethora of taxes to tackle the rising global temperature and the effects of carbon emissions. However, with countries such as the US and UK looking set to miss their self-set carbon emission targets, it seems that the future may be filled with plenty more green taxes for both commercial organisations as well as private households alike.


The future of weather looks anything but certain, and whilst governments around the world are failing pretty miserably at curbing global warming, APIXU have the skilled team and the robust data to ensure that weather app developers of both today and tomorrow have the data upon which they can rely: regardless of how the weather changes.

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