Weather app development: It’s raining money

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Application development is probably one of the fastest paced industries of all, even within the world of IT where technology is constantly advancing. What’s more, with hit applications such as Flight Track (with an estimated $5 million worth of sales), and RealMac Software’s Clear (with an estimated revenue of $1.5 million) it’s pretty clear that app development can equally be a pretty lucrative one.


So here we take an in-depth look at app development within the world of weather which, as we’ll go onto explain, may provide for an ever more exciting future.


The most torrential rain of all: The most popular weather apps

For the right coder with the right application, there is certainly a world of Smartphone users with an appetite for weather apps. Take Yahoo! Weather (which boasts almost one million downloads), AccuWeather (with over 130,000 downloads) or The Weather Channel (with has been subject to in excess of half a million downloads).


What’s more, this appetite extends far beyond the usual weather prediction for the upcoming week; take Radarscope, for example, which is specifically aimed toward meteorologists and weather enthusiasts, providing extensive radar mapping for weather around the world. This app is just one of many that enter the corporate realm.


Going beyond pound signs and getting serious with emergency scenarios

“Weather based apps” is an application collective that is seriously varied: from the popular precipitation app of Dark Sky that ensures app owners never need face a frizzy hair day again, through to the apps that deal with emergency scenarios, such as Storm Shield (for comprehensive storm coverage) and Simple Weather Alert (which pings the user when alerts from the National Weather Service emerge).


Weather applications are then clearly not only for the mundane and ordinary uses, but can open up to a domain of development that can quite literally create lifesaving apps.


Weather APIs: Just what’s out there?

Weather based apps can clearly be both lucrative and relied upon for safety, and as such, weather app developers clearly need APIs upon which they can rely. There are a range of weather APIs from which developers may choose, including: BloomSky, CliMate, Metwit, Wezzo, Weathermob and last but certainly not least, our very own weather API: APIXU, which is promising much for the future of developers seeking out financially lucrative hot spots (and wet, cold or snowy hotspots!).


The realm of app development is certainly profitable for the right, robust coding talents with the most useful or addictive of app ideas. And behind every good app developer is a set of solid data that is served up efficiently and reliably. So for your next big money weather app, choose APIXU as your first, last and only weather API choice.

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