3 Future weather behaviours that will shape weather apps

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The weather from around the world continues to become ever more volatile and with experts predicting a global temperature that will continue to rise (along with sea levels and drought periods) it seems that the future for many countries looks decidedly less certain. So here we take a look at three ways in which future weather behaviours will shape the next big things within the weather application industry.

Global warming will make our summers hotter and more temperamental

A recent study suggests that the summers within the UK are looking set to become even hotter. Most specifically this study (which has been undertaken by the well-respected Met Office) resulted in a prediction that by 2100 the chance of summers becoming hotter than the infamous summer of 2003 is at around 89%.


What’s more, as a nation that is notoriously known for wet and stormy summers it seems that our resident thunderstorms could easily become a whole lot more unpredictable, resulting in more damage, and potential for more chaos, during busy commuting periods.


Global warming will also make our already cold winters all the colder

It’s somewhat of a standing joke that if the experts are to be believed upon the threat of global warming then the UK’s harsh weathers should become milder, and not colder, over the coming years. However the actual landscape of future winters within the UK may, in actuality, become twice as severe. This, whilst it seems a counterintuitive idea, may come into fruition due to the loss of Arctic sea ice within the Barents and Kara seas that are found to the North of Scandinavia, which in turn would affect global circulation of air currents, leading to seriously cold winds washing over the United Kingdom for winters that become, and feel, a whole lot longer.

Weather that becomes more volatile around the world will result in a whole range of natural disasters

Natural disasters due to the weather from around the world are far from new, with vast swathes of Africa suffering from ongoing droughts, regions within India being battered by monsoons each year and devastating cyclones that rip through American states on an all too frequent basis.


These disasters have been met with respectable attempts at harnessing technology in the form of apps already with notable examples including The Red Cross Tornado App, Wireless emergency Alerts and TornadoSpy+.


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