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Weather apps are very often about so much more than merely predicting and reporting on the everyday weather conditions of rain or shine. In fact, weather apps can literally make a life-saving difference to how we face the natural disasters that may otherwise uproot thousands and affect many for the years to come. So here we take a look at the impressive world of weather apps in a completely different light.


1.     Tornado by American Red Cross – Free – iOS and Android

The Red Cross are an organisation known for their impressive humanitarian work in disaster regions around the world. So it should come as no surprise that this organisation has also produced a pretty impressive Tornado warning app. Features include the monitoring of the app user’s location and warning alarms should there be a risk upon the horizon.


Additional features also include guidance on planning ahead for tornados, recovery sites and picking up the pieces after a tornado.


2.     Weather Radio app – Premium £4.99 – iOS

The Weather radio app delivers important messages through voice alerts and push notifications, keeping the app users completely up-to-date with any upcoming weather events that could threaten lives.

The app itself is also comprehensively patented and makes for a unique alert engine that provides industry leading reliability and accuracy, avoiding any potential for false alarms and warnings.


3.     Tornado Simulation app – Free – iOS

The Tornado Simulation app is a relatively different contender upon our list as it takes a pretty innovative approach to communicating the dangers of the average tornado. With this app users are placed at the scene of a computer generated tornado where buildings are demolished and animals are uplifted into the violent tornado.


Through this app users get to appreciate just what happens at the eye of the storm, and consequently how important it is to prepare properly to avoid encountering such a situation in real life.


  1. MyRadar app – Free and Premium £1.99 – IOS and Android

The MyRadar app is known for being a seriously immersive app that features extensive storm radar maps that all come in HD as standard. This app is used by those looking to avoid tornados, as well those who set out to chase tornados.


5.     Dark Sky app – Premium $3.99 – IOS

The Dark Sky app is both beautiful and functional and is known to be seriously accurate when reporting the weather, be it the everyday rain storm of the potentially life-altering tornado.


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