How the weather and commerce are intrinsically linked

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As Smartphone owners we are continually served up with banner advertisements within many an application, however with the conversion rates of such advertising being subject to a miserable rate of 0.1% it’s pertinent to ask why advertisers still invest within this medium. What’s more, as it seems commerce is set on continuing with this medium, we must ask just what we can do to make such adverts more effective. Which is just about where we think the weather should come in.

The weather: An unlikely answer to low click-through rates

The weather is a consistently hot topic, whether it be a disappointing summer of rainy days or a drastic winter of storms. It can be said, then, that the weather is a rather guaranteed medium which would make it a useful medium to harness. So the next point to address is just how it can be harnessed.

Understanding that weather controls consumer behaviour

There are few things that control and influence consumer behaviours as much as the weather. It is what affects our mood, what can change and guide our daily activities, the clothes that we wear and even the food and drink that we consume. In fact, it is so ingrained upon our lives that the British Retail Consortium even defines it as the second most influential factor upon consumer behaviour.

How can the weather be harnessed to help businesses build sales?

Serving up weather data in the right way to the many, many consumers that demand it can present a plethora of business opportunities. This data, powered by weather APIs, is already utilised by the savviest of travel agents, website owners and airlines.

What’s more, the features of today’s weather APIs are becoming ever more advanced, with the most skilled of application developers building apps that can do everything from a simple weather forecast right through to the reporting of potential natural disasters.


The weather may have many effects upon the economies and businesses around the world, and as the patterns of weather around the globe become ever more erratic it seems that the future for commerce may require even more robust weather data upon which to predict trade patterns and logistical routes. To this end the APIXU team bring to developers fast, efficient and always reliable data upon which commerce focused apps can be built. So sign up to our API services today and get started with solid API data right now and all for free.

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