5 innovative ideas for the next big weather app

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We sometimes don’t realise just how influential the weather is on our everyday lives, from where we may choose to go shopping through to what we wear and even the things that we eat and drink. It therefore comes as little surprise then that the weather app genre is consistently packed out with apps across the Google Play store, as well as the Apple store.


Yet despite this we like to think that the team here at APIXU are full of bright ideas for the next big weather app, so here are five fresh approaches to this app genre that could very well be the next most popular app on the market.


1.     Seasonal local ingredients: An app that is deliciously green

Over the past decade we’ve increasingly moved over to green eating: from foods that are grown completely organically to ingredients that are sourced from local suppliers and are in-season (which of course all depends upon the performance that the local weather puts in). So it seems only natural that there should be an app for cooking up a storm within the kitchen with ingredients that can be found from local and UK based suppliers, all listed instantly right upon the user’s Smartphone.


2.     Looking fashionable and feeling seasonally suitable: The app that may boost the bottom lines of online retail businesses

The seasonal changeover within retail is sometimes anything but appropriate, with autumn lines putting in an appearance in early August, when temperatures may still be in in their high 20s (which runs the same throughout each and every seasonal switch over). So in order to overcome this, online shopping apps should fetch up suggestions that are seasonally appropriate (which may also help reduce the stock that enters into bottom line punishing end of season sales).


3.     Looking fashionable and feeling seasonally suitable: The app that streams industry expert tips straight to the user’s Smartphone

In another fashion based weather app (which is notably a mixture that is surprisingly short on app offerings currently), users could benefit from daily guidance upon styling suitable for the day’s weather, which is sent directly from fashion industry insiders.


4.     The annual meltdown: Overcoming the winter gridlock with an all-year round app

Every single year it seems that snow or extreme weather sends our busiest cities into meltdown, leaving the daily commute hours behind and city workers seriously frustrated. So why not code for the winter season to send users essential travel information, such as the best public transport for the day, as well as estimated arrival home times. This would allow workers to leave at a time that doesn’t add on hours to the trudge home.


5.     Keeping mum: The weather app that looks after your baby’s temperature

A final idea for an app would be one that is focused around looking after babies. It would feature an in-built thermostat with alerts that are fed through should the temperature become hotter or cooler than is ideal for baby’s safety, as well as advice on what the weather may be doing throughout the night when baby (and the home thermostat) are unattended.


APIXU are the robustly reliable answer for the next big weather app. The team behind our API is continually focussing on evolving the performance of our API, as well as dreaming up ideas for the next ground breaking weather app.


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