The realm of the weather app landscape- who else could it benefit?

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The world of weather applications span from the literally lifesaving (such as can be seen in the seriously robust Red Cross Tornado App) right through to the decidedly stupid, pointless and ridiculous (in step the Grumpy Weather Widget, which swears its way through Monday mornings and curses its path through sunny weekends).


To this end the realm of weather apps is actually a far more diverse landscape than many people realise, and here we emphasise this by focussing in on three particular industries that could very well benefit from having an app of their very own.


The beauty industry: Overcoming humid hair days and rocking the right accessory for stormy Sundays

Think that the beauty industry is one that is decidedly free from the effects of weather? Think again. There are literally an almost never ending range of beauty issues that could be addressed by an insightful app that serves up customised advice based on the upcoming weather.


From how to wear our hair to avoid a bad (and far too frizzy) hair day, on to customising our makeup and nail polish palettes to suit the lighting and finishing with those essential accessories that protect our carefully crafted hairstyles and looks (such as hats, scarves and umbrellas).

The driving industry: From long distance driving to the daily commute

In the UK it seems that we are at the mercy of the weather. Along comes a relatively long rain storm and traffic grounds to a near halt along the busiest routes whilst motorways full of goods suffer from delays that run from the top of our country to the bottom.


So from large logistics networks that can plan ahead with the help of a forecasting app, right through to insights into alternative routes that are less affected when unexpected weather strikes, apps could truly help in a wide variety of driving situations.

The fashion industry: The seasonal switch over nightmare

There are two major issues with the high street fashion scene in relation to the weather. Firstly, changes in lines are seemingly a month early every single season, and the second is the resulting stock that must be reduced for end of season sales. And whilst the latter is most certainly welcomed by consumers, for retailers it is nothing short of a nightmare.


So what’s the answer? An app, of course! A shopping app that serves up suggestions based on both previous purchases as well as the current and shortly forthcoming weather is a way to tackle both completely personalised shopping, as well as stock room levels that may otherwise see that scarf or summer bikini losing value with each day that it’s hidden away.


The beauty, driving and fashion industries are only three of many possible industries that could truly benefit from solid weather apps that are designed and coded with them specifically in mind. And when we consider that the weather affects so many things around us, as well as the very ways in which we live, we begin to understand just why the weather app genre is one of the most crowded around.



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