6 fun and unique apps upon the weather app market

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The weather app market is one that is decidedly saturated, and for the development that takes on the standard forecasting application there is a tricky road to navigate ahead. Conversely, however, it seems that this is also a genre that has set the bar pretty high when it comes to innovative ideas, and here we present six such perfectly placed examples.


MoonPhase – Moon Info

This app is unequivocally one for astronomers, it goes beyond the basic lunar data that other such apps present to also provide for insight into the weather (perfect for novice astronomers who are incessantly frustrated with cloudy or poor visibility night times).



Spot On…

“It’s now nearly mid July 2014, it’s used always when planning my observing. Still the best Moon Phase App, period! I have been an active amateur astronomer for many years now”.


Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise Sunset is a simplistic application that can be utilised by all sorts of users, including photographers, those who work within nature and those who may simply be travelling and in search of a great spot to watch the sunrise or sunset.



Simple and intuitive

“I use this when travelling to judge the time of the best light for photography. Great app”.


Fishing Calendar

The fishing Calendar App provides for all that the dedicated fisherman could ever need, with reviews that consistently rate this app as improving catch rates.

The features within the app provides the data for best bite times (which, for those who aren’t aware are during dusk and dawn times). Beyond this however it also allows for the reading of catching for on-app analysis as to what times are working and which are decidedly bite free.



Buy it

“Entered all my catches into calendar and they were all on good moon phases so now plan my fishing round this calendar but so far so good highly recommend this app”.

Effing Weather – Funny Local Current Weather Forecast and Temperature for Today and Tomorrow

Effing weather is an app with a difference. It still delivers standard weather forecasts, but does so with amusing statements, such as “Its Effing Hotter than Hell” and “Stay in Bed Because It’s Effing Cold Outside”. So hats off to an app that makes the pretty fun free topic of weather seriously entertaining.



Brightens up my day

“Really cheers me up looking at this when I wake up”.


Living Earth – Clock & Weather

Living Earth is the perfect (and rather beautiful) example of app development that perfectly balances solid, comprehensive advanced coding with super sharp aesthetics.

Living Earth provides 3D simulations of the earth and couples this with forecast overlays that present data on everything from cloud patterns through to hurricanes and tropical storms.



Brilliant app!

“It’s accurate, beautiful and sooo interesting! You can choose different real-time views. Every morning when I open it, I risk getting distracted looking at the different views and interesting details and spending several minutes just playing around with the app”.



Windguru is the undisputed king of apps for those who demand advanced data upon wind directions and other metrics. And taking a look at its features makes you realise just how much there is to know about the wind! Here you can set locations, pick favourite spots, view wind data upon a graph and see data such as wind direction, wave direction, wind speed and gust knots all on one singular table.



Essential windsurfing app

“Forecast is always right and worth paying for to get additional models with hourly detail”.



At APIXU, we like to think of ourselves as at the forefront of forward-thinking application development, providing a weather API that serves up the solid and essential data that drives the apps of tomorrow. And with an API feature list that’s as rich as ours, we equally like to think of ourselves as the go-to guys to meet even the most demanding needs of developers.



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