The World’s most staggering weather stats

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The weather can be pretty remarkable. After all, it can cause life-threatening situations in the forms of floods, droughts and thunderstorms, and it is what drives the growing of food that maintains a worldwide population. So here we take a moment to appreciate some of the most amazing weather to have ever occurred.


1. Phew! – The highest temperature

The highest temperature ever recorded clocked all the way up to a staggering 56.7°C (which equates to a mercury-busting 134°F!); this record breaking temperature occurred in Death Valley, California in the July of 1913.


2. Brrrrrr! – The lowest temperature

Going to the opposite end of the scale the lowest temperature ever recorded occurred, surprisingly, in July also. However this time the record is held by Vostok Station, a Russian research station in Antarctica where temperatures dipped to a pretty seriously chilly -89.2°C (or an even colder sounding -128.6°F).


3. “Grab your bags kids, we’re going on holiday”: The world’s sunniest cities

For the sunniest of city breaks, think about the following destinations for your next holiday abroad:

–              Yuma, Arizona, USA: This city is home to 4015 hours of sunshine each year

–              Aswan, Egypt: This cultured city clocks up an average of 3863 hours of sunshine each year

–              Dongola, Sudan: For the Middle East experience there is Dongla, which benefits from an average of 3814 hours of sunshine each year


4. Don your wellies and snorkel: The most rain to fall in 60 seconds


The most rain to have fallen within 60 seconds dates back to 1970 and is a record held by Guadeloupe where 38mm of rain fell.

5. Crash, Bang, Wallop: The world’s longest recorded lightning bolt

Think that the last lightning storm that you saw was scary? Then you may need to think again. The longest lightning bolt to have been measured and recorded covered a startling 190 kilometres and was spotted on September 13th 2011 stretching all the way from Dallas to Fort Worth, Texas.

6. A snowman in one go: The world’s heaviest hailstone

Snowman building can be hard work, requiring hours and hours of rolling, stacking and packing to create even the first base of the body. So we’d bet that the residents of Bangladesh were glad of the world’s heaviest hailstone landing in their backyard for a great start to their snowman (or that would be, had temperatures not served to almost instantly melt said hailstone! Freaky weather indeed). This hailstone, which weighed in at an amazing 1 kilo, dates back to 1968, since when no other hailstone has come close to beating its record. That’s snow joke.


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