What an app developer can learn from Google Play reviews

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User reviews: they can be the bane of many an app developer ‘s and designer’s life. However much can be learnt from such comments, so here we keep a cool head, clear mind and adopt a positive approach to making the most of user grumbles, complaints and moans. In this blog article we present ten real world complaints, their apps and the one clear cut point that we can take from each and apply to the wider world of app development.


  1. Surf Webcam: Avoid complex features presented in confusing menu systems


Works when you finally get to the right page

“I wish there was an easy way to bookmark the one beach I surf at. The ads are annoying but fair enough”.


  1. Barometer & Altimeter: App efficiency is essential, and the draining of a user’s battery is the faux pas of the app development realm


Great app

“But it seems to drain my battery”.


  1. Weather Australia: Data updates that are at the right, specified periods


“This app would be good if it updated more than twice a day and if the location setting would work properly”.


  1. Weather Ultimate: Lacking a fall back for location based fails that could otherwise provide the user with a choice for manual location selection


“If you live in Timbuktu! Doesn’t know one location from another! Needs choices. F-C, MPH-KNOTS, ETC. 🙂 Plus micro location weather. There are over 80. Weather stations in my area alone. Let me choose which one! Uninstalled!”


  1. Cute Weather: Underestimating the importance of the perfect balance between aesthetics and user experience is app suicide


“I give it one star for being pretty that’s about it. It’s hard to use doesn’t respond properly.

It’s a shame because it is cute.”


  1. Weather Underground:  Not providing support for comprehensive guidance on where users may find common bug fixing info is far from ideal, even if the app is free

2 times I’ve emailed you

“The “issue” is still happening. I’m in PA but app constantly gives me the weather for Ladera Heights, CA.. My settings for GPS and Follow Me are on”.


  1. Bright Weather: Not properly maintaining an app, nor the feeds that keep it running leave users frustrated and confused

Broken recently

“Lost all my locations, widget disappeared, weather is no longer updating”.


  1. Weather Now Forecast & Widgets: Users must always be fully informed of charges and trial periods


“Why does it have a time trial you never told us about? So you have to pay?”


  1. Clarityn: The need for robust, reliable and always up-to-date data is paramount

No data available

“Updated it this morning. Now it just tells me there is no data available and to check my data connecting. Data is fine – everything else is working. Now I have a pointless app!”


  1. And finally… We learn that sometimes, you simply can’t please everyone

All of the above user reviews provide for something helpful, however we know that this isn’t always the case and that sometimes users provide one star reviews for seemingly no reason at all. That said however it pays to always be professional. So slap on a smile and be sure to reply to each and every problematic review.

App users certainly aren’t shy to share their thoughts with the world if the apps that they download don’t meet what are ever more expecting demands. And this applies equally to free applications as it does to those that have been purchased. So to avoid ending up on a list such as this, with poor weather data that relays inaccurate forecasts, choose APIXU as your solid weather API partner.


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