Ten of the most beautiful weather apps out there

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At APIXU we appreciate the importance of beautiful application design, and we never underestimate just how vital the user interface is for guiding interactions that result in five star app reviews. So here we draw upon the very best and most beautiful in the industry in the hope that our readers will be similarly inspired by the great looking weather apps of today.

1.Clear Day

Clear Day demonstrates the best of app design on both scientific data images, as well as animated, and creatively designed backgrounds.

Living Earth is an app that balances beauty with highly detailed, immersive and data packed renderings of earth… and it does so all in real time.Living Earth

Living Earth Two

MeteoEarth is similar in many respects to Living Earth, however with a super slick set of interfaces this app truly provides users with comprehensive features within what appear as simple menus and buttons.


Weathercube is the first within our list to boast the very best of simplistic, bright and modular app design. Oh, and that cube swipy thing fairs well with users also.


Weather Live does a great job of representing a wealth of information all within compact spaces, whilst also balancing this with crisp, sharp and rather beautiful graphics, icons and backgrounds.

Weather Live Weather Live Two

RadarScope presents professional grade data upon the weather around the world in a series of crisp maps with real time colour coded radar overlays. They are highly customisable and seriously detailed and coupled with slick menus to truly polish off a finely honed user experience.

RadarScope Two

Aurora Forecast demonstrates the very best of app design for industry professionals. There are a plethora of charts to view and manipulate, beautiful renders of the earth and a colour palette that provides for complete clarity, whatever screen you’re within and whatever data you may be dissecting.


Bright Weather presents a rather different app design offering for those who require more data than is provided within the standard weather forecasting application.


Accuweather Platinum provides users with plenty of features, as well as choices as to just how in depth they need their weather reporting, making it beautifully simple for those seeking a straightforward forecast, to providing professionals who work within the industry with the option of tables, data and statistics.


When users need information in the midst of a disaster, the information must be presented in a slick manner that can help users find the guidance they need in a snapshot. The Tornado app from Red Cross is the perfect example of designing for just such a user, and is coupled with well-designed maps for the real time tracking of approaching tornadoes.

Red Cross


At APIXU we could admire beautiful weather apps all day, however with one of the most advanced weather APIs to look after and take on into the future with an always expanding feature list, we’re afraid that we just don’t have the time. So feel free to save us a search or two by telling us all about your favourite weather apps in the comments below.



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