The construction industry: Why this is an area that is in serious need of a weather app

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The construction industry is one that is monumentally important to the British economy. And when turbulent financial times came about the Government consistently focussed upon a wide range of strategies to try and kick start and aid the embattled construction landscape.

However one completely accepted detrimental element that affects the construction industry year in, year out, is that of the weather, and annually it causes contractors, specialists and civil engineers to decline orders and delay projects, all due to being at the mercy of the UK weather. So with this dire landscape in mind here we take a look at the ways in which a weather app could help the construction industry.


  1. Robust planning apps that integrate the weather

For the large scale construction company a fresh approach to project planning could well help overcome seasonal delays. Providing, that is, that the company in question has enough work to build during the warmer months and complete interior work over the wetter and colder months.

This simple idea is, however, a human resource and equipment based logistical nightmare. For which there could be an app!


  1. Apps that plan ahead for work that can get back on track as swiftly as possible

For the most part the acceptance of project delays and stalls is a given, and catching up when weathers clear is an industry wide approach. For which there should be an app that hones in on locations that are as specific as the sites upon which contractors are working. This app could be harnessed by site managers so that they can:

– Save time and money in ensuring work is protected from weather related damage;

– Plan ahead for ensuring that their workers are as safe as possible;

– Make informed decisions as to when they should down tools or move on to inside based tasks;

– Plan for resources and materials to arrive in time for work schedules, but not so early that they sit around as a target for thieves or at risk of being damaged by the elements.


  1. And finally… an app that features alerts for the protection of construction equipment

Construction equipment can feature seriously expensive kit upon which a whole project could rely. However construction equipment, whilst seemingly relatively robust, is also subject to the possibility of being damaged by the seasons. Most specifically this includes high temperatures where the seals upon equipment can then lead to the damage of hardware, winds that can knock over and shake equipment and cold spells which may see fuel lines freezing and pipes of both buildings and equipment bursting.

What’s more it isn’t just equipment that the weather may affect, such as where hot and dry weather affects mortar by rapidly drying it of all moisture. The effects of which may not be immediately apparent. That is until a rainy day comes along and the consequent cracks result in visible leaking.

To this end an app that specifically advise on a contractor’s tool kit, task list and inventory of materials would be ideal!


The construction industry is just one of the areas of business where accessible and always up-to-date weather data is seriously in need, and at APIXU we hope to be the tech team that serves up the robust data that is required to literally change the everyday working lives of industries upon which economies world rely.


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