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If you consider yourself an experienced developer in search of smart decision and, therefore, have found our website – then welcome! You probably have been developing weather application and have done 80% of the work and in order to save your priceless time are looking for a API to implement in your product. You are pretty lucky as has a wide range of APIs to offer:

1. Real-time weather

Real-time weather API allows users to access the data that shows current weather. It is available for any location including over 200 000 cities. Current weather is frequently updated due to the numerous weather stations that provide data for the API.

2.  10 day weather forecast

10 day weather forecast is available for any location. It includes astronomy data and day weather forecast given in hourly interval.

3.  Astronomy

Provides accurate rise/set times for sun and moon in a location of your choice and tells when the different twilight periods begin and end. The API also generates location-based day lengths and the exact moments of moon phases.

4.  Time zone

Using your location data defines the time zone.

5. Location data

Provides information like geo points, name, region and country.

6. Search or Autocomplete API

Start typing the name of the city and it will automatically generate few options. The further you go – the less options will be offered.

7. NEW: Historical weather

Through our API you are able to access city historical weather information. User has just to pick the date and the city. As a simple weather forecast it provides astronomy data, day weather forecast and hourly interval weather information for selected city.

To sum up, provides access to weather and geo data via a JSON restful API. It allows developers to create desktop, web and mobile applications using this data very easy. Due to the variety of our code libraries, the APIs are available for different programming languages like PHP, .net, JAVA etc. what means that we are ready to meet everybody’s needs and preferences.

Do not waste your time on coding and get out weather API today!


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