How weather apps enhance our life?

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How many times you were forced to change your plans because of the weather? I bet not once! You were going to spend the whole day on the beach with your friends or take your children to Disneyland? Did you check weather forecast first? Nobody wants to get up in the morning and see heavy rain outside which automatically replaces your trip with lying on the sofa at home. That is why we decided to ensure you to find your favorite weather app and be always ready for any precipitations.


Obviously we feel lazier when it is cold or raining outside. We often tend to skip workouts in the gym because the weather makes us stay at home and enjoy watching TV shows with popcorn and tons of ice-cream. Therefore, it is extremely important to check weather forecast for 3 days in advance and plan your time. If it predicted to be raining in two days and you feel not motivated enough to go jogging in the park as you usually do or go out with your friends just change your plans. Postpone your workout or invite your friends to watch a movie. Don’t let the weather get you upset.


Are you on diet? Count calories and try to avoid fast-food restaurants? Did you know that we tend to eat more when we feel pissed-off or when the weather is bad? Yes, when the temperature is lower than you feel comfortable with our body needs more energy which we get from food. Therefore, we consume more and as a result gain weight. If you refer to the type of people who are not able to control their appetite depending on different external factors then you should know what to expect tomorrow and plan your day in such a way so you would not notice heavy rain or even hurricane outside! You may start your day with morning yoga, do the laundry, clean the house or watch all parts of Star Wars – the more you plan the less time for eating remains.


Obviously nobody wants to spend his vacation at the hotel because of the bad weather conditions. If you work in the company where you are not able to pick the timeframes of your holidays then you should check weather forecast and look for the destinations that fit you. If you are not fancy raining then go to Bergen, the rainiest city on the plan. Want to get chocolate suntan? Pick Miami or Hawaii where it is sunny almost all year round. If you are willing to surf check when the biggest waves are on the shores of the resort you are planning to go.  

To sum up, of course, you must not plan your life according to weather forecast. But if there is a chance how to reduce its influence on our habits and plans then we should take some efforts. Can’t find weather app that would completely satisfy your needs? Then create your own one and download our weather APIs to save your time.


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