How to survive during earthquake?

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Earthquakes, as well as other natural disasters often cause a feeling of absolute helplessness against natural disasters, especially considering that there is still no reliable scientific method of their predictions.

Therefore, the best way to survive during earthquake is to prepared for this phenomenon.

What should you have when earthquake hits? How should you act before and after the earthquake? We have tried to provide you with all necessary information from scientific point of view.


Everyone who lives in the area that is subjected to frequent hits of earthquake must have enough water and food. It is necessary to have stock for 3 days – 2L of water per person daily. Experts recommend to upgrade water supplies every six months. Obviously the variety of food mustn’t depend on your taste preferences but on the duration of product preservation. Canned goods will be the best option in this case. Furthermore, it is vital important to pay attention on high-caloric products that will provide you much energy. They include nuts, nut butter, crackers and muesli. Anyway it is better to avoid products that require boiling like rice or pasta. Tea and coffee will be a good addition to your food stock.

Next step is to prepare your first aid kit. First of all, it is necessary to have enough medical gloves, gauze, bandages, disinfectants, thermometer and so on.

And finally, it is extremely important to take care of personal hygiene in case you will be cut of the outside world for several days. Keep enough supply of toilet paper, soap, garbage bags and disinfectant.

During earthquake

According to leading specialists and Red Cross, the best way to survive when earthquake hits is the method called “duck and cover”. It is recommended to hide under the table or any other piece of furniture and wait till the hits stop. Another option is to lean against the inner wall and keep off windows and doors until the earthquake stops. Obviously never use elevators in case of disaster!

Space under the doorways is also considered to be safe enough. Hide and stay there and do not try to move until the danger exists.

You never know where the earthquake will catch you. For example, if you are in bed then it is better to stay there and cover your head with a pillow. If you are driving when suddenly the earthquake hits then it is better to stop and wait. Do not stay under the flyovers, bridges and other potentially dangerous objects. Look around carefully, especially pay attention to trees and power lines.

In general, during an earthquake, try not to panic and move as little as possible. If you are outdoors, stay away from buildings and lampposts. Falling debris walls and glass shards may cause serious injuries to you.

After earthquake

Shocks after the major earthquake can last for a long time – sometimes for several months, but the strongest ones are only few hours long. Such shocks may lead to the destruction of structures that become unstable after the earthquake.

For instance, objects may fall from shelves. Therefore, after the earthquake it is recommended to inspect the house, preferably apply for an expert to fix the damage and ensure the safety of your home. Often after the earthquake gas pipes break down.  That is why it is better to avoid lighting up candles or matches until you get approval from gas industry establishments. If you smell gas or hear a hissing characteristic, open the windows immediately and leave the house. There is also a risk of damage of the bottles with vegetable oil or gas canisters, which can be a potential source of fire.

Those who got in trap after the earthquake it is not recommended to shout because you risk to swallow much dust. Do not move and do not set up fire. In order to attract rescuers’ attention is to bang on the pipes until they hear you.

To sum up, humans have no guarantee of staying safe even if they live in the area where earthquakes are rare phenomena. Anyway it is better to be aware of the actions you should take in case it happens to you.

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