Global Warming: Is it a Real Problem for the Human Race?

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It is a well-known fact that global warming is the rising of the average temperature on the Earth because of human’s unnatural activity.  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggests that human influence on the climate and nature is the main cause of the process of the global warming. But others do not agree. Some people think that it is just a myth and most climate changes because of natural factors. So is global warming so dangerous phenomenon or it’s just a fiction? In fact, this question has a double-sided answer. On the one hand, there are really a lot of natural processes, which leads to the increasing the average temperature of the Earth, and it’s a normal situation.

Many experts point out that for example from 2008 until 2012 there were no increasing the temperature indices. One should however not forget that 2015 was pretty hot and for example, Great Britain experienced the warmest autumn ever.

We should, nevertheless, consider this problem from the other angle. Nowadays the phenomenon of urbanisation is no less important. There are a bigger number of cities than it was in the last century for example. People build factories and plants, burn more fuel and release more carbonic acid in the air. It leads to the increase of the average temperature. Such a phenomenon is called “greenhouse effect”.

According to the experts IPCC if the releasing an equal number of carbonic acid for 50 years, then in 2067-2070 the average temperature will increase by more than 4° С. It will lead to the dangerous consequences. Sea level rise is one of the most important, which also leads to the flood of some islands. Such changes will cause the modifications of rainfall in all countries. Such phenomena as flood, drought and hurricane will happen more often than nowadays. It is possible to avoid these problems by way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Another option is an adaptation of the mankind to the new climate.

To draw the conclusion we can say that a phenomenon of global warming really exists and has definite consequences. Maybe this problem is not as huge as it is described, but the mankind should act more carefully as regards nature and climate.




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