5 Cities That Will Disappear Until 2100

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Cities that are prosperous now may disappear until 2100. It is hard to believe; however, facts are facts. According to the scientific data, some cities are much more subjected to the negative consequences of climate change and natural disasters.

List of cities and reasons for disappearing

  1. San Francisco, USA. Reason: Earthquake

According to the scientists from the University of California, by 2086 in San Francisco will be an earthquake of magnitude 7 or more points. San Francisco is also one of the fastest-changing cities in the US. All this is part of the displacement of the expensive and geographically hazardous coastal areas inland. Most of the trouble may accelerate this trend.

  1. Venice, Italy. Reason: Lowering the level of the soil

One of the world’s most romantic cities has been sinking for about a millennium. The pace has increased rapidly over the last 100 years, with the soil level sinking about 24 centimetres. Venice’s vulnerability to sea and groundwater level change is extremely serious. The government has plans to protect the city from rising from the sea level, however, will work whether they are or not, nobody knows.

  1. Naples, Italy. Reason: Volcanic Eruption

Naples is the magnificent capital of the Italian region Campania and the third-largest municipality in the country.

In the Bay of Naples volcano Vesuvius is located. That volcano destroyed Pompeii in 79 BC and erupts about every 100 years. The last eruption was in 1944. It’s expected to do its damage once again in the mid-2000s, putting the city and half a million people in the “red zone” if they’re not evacuated in time.

  1. Detroit, USA. Reason: The outflow of population

“Motor City” may become “Abandoned City” as the population of Detroit continues to decline.

Detroit’s population has decreased by a third since 1950 to about 950 thousand people. It is assumed that its population will decline slowly but steadily, at least until 2030 – the unemployment rate in the city is more than 10%. If these trends continue, Detroit will change beyond recognition by 2100.

  1. Mexico City, Mexico. Reason: The lack of drinking water and soil subsidence

Mexico City began as the home of an ancient empire and grew into one of the world’s largest cities, with more than 20 million people living in this modern metropolis.

Yet the city, home to the numerous important historical landmarks is sinking. The city stands on the aquifer, which is also the main source of drinking water. According to some estimates, over the past 100 years, some parts of the city fell to 9 m. It is assumed that the aquifer is depleted. Although Mexico is now growing rapidly, reduced water supplies and lowered soil – all of which can quickly reverse the trend.



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