Global Warming Mechanism: The Process Is Irreversible

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The Underlying Mechanisms of Global Warming That Everyone Needs to Know About

In 2018, the weather once again surprised the world community. Most of the inhabitants of the planet felt that global warming, about which scientists argue a lot. Baltic Sea was covered with algae from overheating. In the whole of Europe, and especially in the north, in Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany, the summer was abnormally hot and sunny.

The Mechanism Is Running

Environmentalists talk about global climate change, including an increase in the average annual temperature that causes the melting of glaciers and rising sea levels.

Global warming will lead not only to a further increase in the temperature of the Earth’s surface but also to other changes. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions will increase. The level of the World Ocean will rise by half a meter in 100 years, besides, the salinity of the water will change. The air will become more humid. Precipitation will begin to fall more intensively, their distribution will change, and the threshold of maximum temperatures will also increase. The melting of glaciers will accelerate.

Global warming will also affect weather patterns: winds and cyclones will increase and intensify. Natural disasters – floods and hurricanes – will occur more regularly, and their scale will increase significantly.

Why Did It Happen

It is believed that today’s global warming is mainly due to human activity. This is the main cause of global warming. Climate changes not only as a result of internal natural processes but also under the external influence. Thus, the causes of climate change are man-made and non-man-made.

At the same time, paleontological and geological studies show the existence of long climatic cycles, which in the fourth period take the form of glaciation, and now there is an interglacial. Changes of the climate provoked by mankind postponed for a long time the onset of the next ice age.

Using a computer model, scientist William Ruddiman checked what the climate would have been if mankind did not engage in agriculture. Most likely, the same thing would happen as after the interglacial 800 thousand years ago: a sharp cooling in the Arctic, giant glaciers and snow all year round in vast territories.

However, even if humanity ceases to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at all, the warming process will not end so easily. It is possible that people generally stopped the natural cycle when periods of warming and cooling are replacing each other. And now it will be warmer and warmer all the time.

Scientific Point of View: The Process Is Irreversible

Climatologists consider global warming on Earth irreversible. Scientists have published the study in the American scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, according to which even the Paris Agreement may be ineffective in the struggle for the normalization of temperature on the planet.

Climatologists have warned of the possible occurrence of the “greenhouse effect”, which will lead to an increase in planetary temperature by four degrees. In such conditions, life itself will become problematic and conditions on the planet will change dramatically.

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