Why Do We Need Weather API?

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API is integral to the way our technologies, society, and culture have evolved. Fast acquisition and computation of data is the key element for many business processes, especially is we are dealing with data from weather stations and forecasting. People had always an interest in weather forecasts. It is concerned not only with household level but also with the numerous fields of our life like economics and farming. Below we will find out where the weather API is important most of all.

Weather API for the Aviation

This field is the most sensitive to the weather data. It is so because passengers’ safety depends on the weather forecast. Information on weather conditions helps meteorologists, pilots, navigators, airline companies and businesses to ensure safe flights and save money by reducing some of the stringent requirements related to carrying extra fuel loads. The development of constantly updated flight plans with respect to available weather information regarding changing wind and general weather conditions can enable aircraft to use fuel more efficiently and navigate their planes in safer environments that avoid turbulence and make air flights comfortable to the travelling public.

Weather API for the Economics


Economists are increasingly using weather data and climate model output in analyses of the economic impacts of climate change. Extreme weather events have always had and will continue to have significant consequences for society and the economy. Climate projections tell us that changing extreme weather patterns are very likely to increase the exposure to those events.

To reduce the horrible consequences of weather disasters and avoid human cost economic field highly needs weather data.

Weather API for the Farming


The weather has always played a crucial role in farming. In fact, farming depends on the weather data. This is very important to determine when plant crops, harvest and water it, protect, fertilize and spray. Farmers today use systems for precision measurement of environmental conditions called weather stations. And weather data is very useful for such stations.

Weather API for the Shipping

Weather data has a very significant effect on the shipping and offshore industry. Vessels encountering heavy weather will experience speed reduction due to increased resistance from wind and waves.  In addition, heavy weather poses a safety risk to the crew, as well as to the ship itself from excessive ship motion, slamming or seas washing over the decks.  When ships enter gale force or higher wind fields this strongly impacts the ability for the master to manoeuvre the vessel.

Weather API for the Developers

Nowadays various weather apps are very popular. It is very comfortable for the ordinary people, especially for tourists to take a smartphone and watch the current weather forecast in any place of the world. So developers need the proper weather API to create a good app.

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