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What Are the Causes of Faults in the Earth’s Crust?

Researchers have studied the most dangerous faults of the Earth’s crust quite recently, and to date, they have not been able to determine exactly where the next peak of tectonic activity will occur in the world. The largest rifts are constantly monitored, and modern scientists know nothing about the existence of some dangerous tectonic faults.

The Geological Activity of the Earth’s Crust

The lithospheric plates move very slowly – they creep into each other at a speed of 1–6 cm/year, and move away by a maximum of 10–18 cm/year. But it is precisely the interaction between the continents that creates the geological activity of the Earth, which is perceptible on the surface – volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and the formation of mountains always occur in the zones of contact of lithospheric plates.

However, there are exceptions – the so-called hot spots, which can exist in the depth of the lithospheric plates. In them, the molten streams of the substance of the asthenosphere erupt upward, melting the lithosphere, which leads to increased volcanic activity and regular earthquakes. Most often this occurs not far from the places where one lithospheric plate creeps onto another – the lower, depressed part of the plate plunges into the Earth’s mantle, thereby increasing the magma pressure on the upper plate. However, now scientists are inclined to the version that the “drowned” parts of the lithosphere melt, increasing pressure in the depths of the mantle and thereby creating upward flow. So it is possible to explain the anomalous remoteness of some hot spots from tectonic faults.

Current Forecasts of Tectonic Movement

Today, there are two most plausible hypotheses about the tectonic fault, which will lead to the end of our civilization. No rational person will deny that the earth masses are moving, and the Earth is constantly changing. Although lately, the tectonic activity was very low, it is likely that this will soon change in one of two scenarios:

  • Tectonic rift under the glaciers. According to the assumptions, the cause of the tectonic fault will be the melting of ice beneath Antarctica.
  • Lithosphere disaster of our civilization. This hypothesis not only suggests the future but also explains much of the past. Scientists have analyzed all the information about our past, found the relationship between the cultural heritage of all ancient civilizations, and with the help of this explained all the changes that have already occurred and will still occur with the Earth.

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