9 Reasonable and Relatively Reasonable Theories About the Appearance of the Crop Circles

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What Are The Reasons of the Crop Circles Appearance? Here Are 9 Theories to Prove

About 20 years ago, strange circle-shaped drawings began to appear on the wheat fields of England. Within the limits of such a ring, especially well visible from the air, the stalks of the grasses are bent by some unknown force, pressed to the ground. Moreover, these circles appear in the middle of a seemingly untouched field; no trails or tracks lead to them. Later, the crop circles began to become more complicated and appear in the wheat fields of other countries.

There were literally hundreds of hypotheses that explain this mysterious phenomenon for a variety of reasons – from space aliens to tornadoes and secret military experiments. To date, none of the hypotheses, including the version of the man-made creation of crop circles, have a definitively convincing and impassable evidence base in its favor.

The Most Popular Theories Explaining the Crop Circles Appearance

  1. One theory suggests that circles are created by small electrified vortices, frequent in the hilly regions of Great Britain, which send strong currents of air to the ground, crushing the plants.
  2. There is also an assumption that the complex geometry of the patterns is easily explained by rotating whirlwinds.
  3. According to Dr. Kolin Andrews, a circle researcher who collected a colossal information bank that stores more than 9000 icons from all over the world (he studied 2500 of them personally!), Approximately 20% of circles were formed due to vortex disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field, and the rest – created by human hands. He believes that some mysterious displacement of the electromagnetic field creates an electric current that bends the ears of corn in a circle.
  4. Experts of agricultural science assure that if wheat is given a “shock dose” of ammonium nitrate, then from such a re-feeding with nitrogen, the plants within the circle will grow faster and reach such growth that thin stems will fall from the slightest breeze.
  5. There is a hypothesis of multiple circular lightning explosions in the sky. The cloud emits a beam of energy that strikes the ground like a lightning and leaves a circular trace. There is a microwave effect, as a result of which the base of the stems of the plants softens. The stems tend to the ground, but do not break.
  6. Another hypothesis suggests that pictograms are a trace of a different mind, for example, traces of a UFO landing. Some people claim that they saw luminous objects like UFOs with their own eyes and heard some strange sounds coming from the fields. Or, on the contrary, these are specially sent messages to earthlings from other planets with the help of which they are trying to contact us.
  7. There is also a version that the source of crop circles is our planet Earth itself, we still know very little about the inner depth structure of which. It is assumed that the planet creates an energy that is still unknown to the world, like electromagnetic energy, which comes directly from the earth and as a result of which these circles appear.
  8. A number of scientists text the hypothesis that circles are collective meaningful actions of ant civilizations. If this is so, then mysterious crop circles in order to establish contacts with people are made by very intelligent ants of an unknown to modern science.
  9. The easiest way to explain the appearance of mysterious circles is the trick of an ordinary person who created them for fun or to confuse scientists even more. Many people have repeatedly stated that they made these drawings with their own hands.

Our planet is still full of mysteries that are difficult to explain or predict. However, there are changes that are quite predictable so feel free to use the weather API on your website to track climate conditions every time you need!

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