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Why Do Your Website Need Free Weather API

There are some typical situations when displaying weather on a site using free weather API is really useful. For example, if this is a site of a travel agency, recreation center, country club, or any outdoor event, visitors will appreciate the opportunity to see the weather forecast directly on your site without switching to third-party weather sites. In addition, the weather widget will look appropriate wherever there is an exchange of information, for example, on a news portal or a travel blog.

And everyone knows how fantastically accurate forecasts are, and we rejoice like children when this is so. Mistakes, in turn, can be extremely dangerous. In the end, the correct weather forecast does not only affect our daily mood. Our lives depend on it, for example, when we are planning a long-distance car trip.

In order to give your users the opportunity to be aware of the weather forecast 24/7, we kindly advice using free weather API on your website. 

WeatherAPI Free Weather API Features

In order to make our solution suitable for almost all kinds of projects, we have integrated the following functions in it:

  • global weather forecast with the possibility to find the location by the town name or zip code (local weather API);
  • an ability to be used in large-scale projects and resist heavy loads;
  • the possibility to be provided with the real-time weather forecast that is constantly updated;
  • Security Socket Layer to increase the safety level;
  • great scalability opportunities.

Weather API Types Provided by WeatherAPI

  • Local weather API
  • Yearly/monthly averages
  • Past local API
  • Marine weather API
  • Ski weather API
  • Search API
  • Time zone API
  • Astronomy API

Interested? Give it a try already today! 

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