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How to Explain Catatumbo Lightning? 3 Main Opinions

This may sound strange, but for some people, lightning is a rare phenomenon, for others, it is a daily routine. So for the residents of one of the Venezuelan regions, nature has saved almost nightly incessant light-music: in a place where the Catatumbo River flows into Lake Maracaibo, lightning hits 1.2–1.6 million times a year. This phenomenon is called Catatumbo lightning.

Why Does Catatumbo Lightning Appear?

This fact is explained both by ancient legends and modern science.

  • For example, the American scientist Andrew Zavrotsky is inclined to think that a huge amount of uranium is concentrated in the wetlands of the river.
  • But there are proponents of a different opinion. They claim that the bottom of Lake Maracaibo is rich in oil, due to which lightning activity reaches extreme values.
  • As for the locals, answering the question of the formation of strange lightning, they say that a thunderstorm glow is a bunch of millions of fireflies descending to earth in order to thank the gods for creating the Universe.

While none of the current UNESCO World Heritage sites is currently a meteorological phenomenon, the Venezuelan government is trying to make Catatumbo lightning the first natural phenomenon listed.

As you can see, the oddities and surprises of the weather are endless. Therefore, we recommend using the weather API on your website in order to predict the appearance of at least some of them.

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