4 Facts – Truth and Myths about Radiation

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Truth and Myths about Radiation: 4 Facts You Should Rememeber and Stop Being Afraid

Radiation or, as scientists call this phenomenon, ionizing radiation is one of the main horror stories of the century. This is an invisible pervasive danger. So radiation is described in numerous games and films, the creators of which endow this physical phenomenon with the most unimaginable properties – from the instant transformation of all life into giant hungry monsters to the ability to “turn off” the radioactive background with the click of a button.

Radiation has overgrown with many philistine conjectures, often demonizing and exaggerating the real danger of this phenomenon. In this article, we deal with Truth and Myths about Radiation.

We Live and Work in a Radioactive Environment – Truth

We receive more than 80% of the total radiation dose through sources of natural radiation. One part of the radioactive radiation comes from space, the other enters the body with food, the third affects us in our home, where the walls, floor, favorite decorations, and home decoration can show excess radiation. What to do with all this? Check the house, products, dishes with radiation dosimeters.

Scary Mutants Live in Areas of Increased Radiation – Myth

All the stories about mice with three eyes, hares with five paws, giant apples and moles glowing in the dark, supposedly inhabiting the exclusion zone, are nothing more than a legend.

Firstly, this kind of mutation makes the body vulnerable and does not allow it to survive in the wild. Therefore, even if such creatures appear, they die almost immediately. Secondly, infected animals lose their ability to reproduce. But vegetables, mushrooms, and fish often reach impressive sizes in areas of high radiation.

Radiation Is Not Dangerous in Itself, but Only If the Natural Background Is Exceeded – Truth

Moreover, the natural background is not the norm, and in some regions on our planet, it can exceed tens of times the average value. A deadly level of radiation exceeds the natural background by about a thousand times.

X-Ray and Fluorography Do More Harm Than Good – Myth

There is no norm for the level of medical exposure – the norm of 1 millisievert per year cannot be exceeded only in the case of fluorography. 

After all, if a person, for example, treats teeth or a broken leg, an x-ray is given to him as many times as necessary from the point of view of treatment tactics. And the benefits of such treatment exceed the harm from exposure.

And here’s another truth – the level of change in radiation is impossible to predict. However, it is possible to predict the weather. To get accurate weather data, simply use the weather API on your website. 

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