Does Global Warming Exist? or Is It Just a Myth to Make Money?

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Does Global Warming Exists and Who Benefits from It

The so-called “global warming” is considered by an increasing number of experts to be the same contrived “problem” as the already forgotten ozone holes, atypical pneumonia, “problem 2000”, etc. But these problems were invented for a reason – deft people and entire corporations, in, earn serious money by fooling ordinary people on the planet. So, does global warming exist or it is just a ridiculous joke? 

So Is Warming Coming or Not?

The Kyoto Protocol and the whole problem of global warming are not scientifically justified. There is no evidence that warming will continue. But it is obvious that the problem exists, although on the contrary – it is more likely that cooling will be coming. Therefore, everything that is happening now around the Kyoto Protocol is artificially heated. In this case, too much politics and a lot of money are mixed up.

But Does Human Activity Affect the Climate?

Undoubtedly, there is an anthropogenic impact on nature, but we cannot assess its extent. This is a scientific fact! There is not even an assessment methodology. As for carbon dioxide emissions, they should be reduced, but not because of the impact on the climate, but in order not to pollute the atmosphere. By itself, the effect of greenhouse gases on climate is minimal.

The Most Popular Predictions

But information about “global warming” continues to circulate, frightening people who are not geeky geographically. Such a horror story is often cited, for example: if Antarctica melts, the whole world will be flooded except perhaps Tibet and the Himalayas.

It is clear that Antarctica will not melt, even if it gets 30–40 degrees warmer there, as the frost reaches -80. But if you imagine an absolutely impossible thing that will melt completely – the level of the ocean will rise by only … 70 meters. But the speculation on the topic of “warming” continues and continues.

Who Benefits from Promoting the Myths About Global Warming?

The picture of global warming is created artificially and deliberately in order to use the climate factor for political purposes. This scam is also beneficial to the scientific community, who earn grants for the study of the phenomenon. 

Regardless of whether it is a myth or reality, the need to monitor weather indicators does not disappear. Use free weather API on your website in order to do it easily. 

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