The Role of Weather Forecasting in Agriculture

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The majority of people know about the role of weather forecasting in the agriculture industry. But not everyone understands that the weather data details can drive business decisions, helping farmers to plan the yields, minimize costs and maximize earns.

4 Farming Industries That Are Affected by Weather Conditions

All farmers make many serious decisions related to agriculture relying on weather conditions on a daily basis. However, there are four primary areas of farming that are affected impacted by weather the most:

  • crop growth or irrigation;
  • fertilizer timing and delivery;
  • pest and disease control;
  • field workability.

Crop yields require appropriate amounts of moisture, light, and temperature. Detailed real-time weather forecasts can help farmers track the growth status to make informed and potentially costly decisions. Forecast guidance also helps to determine the most appropriate time for applying pest controls.

If you want to improve the efficiency of day-to-day farming activities, accurate field-level weather data can help you assess the workability of your field and increase its usefulness. In addition, in case you rely on precipitation forecast, it will save you the cost of unnecessary irrigation and maximize your yield.

How Does Weather Forecasting Influence Precision Agriculture?

When it goes about agriculture, we usually imagine large crop fields, which can be hundreds of acres in size. It takes a lot of time to cultivate such fields and plant the crop, and having good equipment and qualified workers is a must. However, deep knowledge about farming is not enough in order to obtain a good harvest and profit.

As a farmer, you have to monitor weather forecasts constantly, in order to maximize crops, otherwise, you risk facing real problems, such as: drying out of plants, a rise in the number of pests, an excess of moisture, etc.

To analyze the current weather conditions and to keep track of changes compared with preceding seasons, accurate information on the past, the present, and the future forecasts are needed. The weather API is a perfect solution for such purposes, as you can assess the weather data just by using a phone or tablet screen.

When it comes to the crops growing, farming emphasizes accuracy and control, therefore, it greater depends on weather information. Due to the ultimate goal of precision agriculture is to maximize growth efficiency, the usage of information technology plays an essential aspect of this approach. Farmers apply weather forecasting and other items, such as satellite imagery, GPS guidance, drones, sensors, and crop health indicators., as a weather API provider, provides hyper-local weather data and knowledge that’s being used to help implement this important for agriculture goal.

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