Can Weather API Help Farmers Mitigate the Impact of Weather on Agriculture?

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Millions of smallholder farmers, as well as the agriculture industry at all, are under threat from the increasing number of extreme weather events like droughts, floods, and heatwaves. is a tool that can mitigate or even prevent the influence of weather conditions on crops.

The Dependence of Agriculture on Weather Conditions

All farmers undoubtedly have to react upon climate variability, as it influences their crops greatly. Every area has its own weather events, predictions of which lets people figure out what to do and when. Thus, drought, for example, impacts the irrigation system, and the proper forecast of extended periods of dry conditions decreases the chances of expected losses.

In order to gain good crops, farmers also need to determine the most appropriate time for irrigating fields, as well as for applying fertilizers. Temperature, sunlight, wind, and rainfall have major effects on the crops, therefore, it is so important to monitor these measures.

How Weather API Minimizes the Harmful Weather Impact on Crops?

A human can’t control erratic weather conditions, however, if the forecast comes in time, a farmer would have a chance to mitigate their effects on crops. Weather forecasts made by are not just simple synoptic weather forecasts. Its well-organized weather systems explore current weather, historical weather data, and forecast details including:

  • temperature;
  • precipitation;
  • pressure;
  • wind speed;
  • humidity;
  • UV index;
  • and pollution levels.

The weather event forecasting helps to plan farming activities and make decisions relating to cultivation and irrigation.

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