Impact of Weather on Agriculture Activities and Crops

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Farmers have already got used to changes in weather, which occur from season to season. The weather conditions make a great impact on сultivation, irrigation, and crop yields, which create some difficulties for farmers. If you want to rationalize your agricultural activities, weather forecasting using is what you need.

What Weather Data Is the Most Critical for Agriculture?

Sudden weather changes put extra difficulties on farmers, pushing them towards weather API services. Spring rainfalls cause floods affecting agribusiness harmful. Floods mix seeds in the soil, which makes farmers guess about the location of their crops in order to gather the harvest. Early freezing impacts crop yields maturity as well.

To predict daily weather conditions, you must collect weather data like temperature, precipitation, wind, air pressure, and humidity. If monitor this information through, it will be gathered into a unified platform, which will be available from any device.

Technologies Monitoring Weather Data and Forecasting for Agriculture

Real-time weather data help farmers control soil and crops condition, as well as manage all weather-related risks. Today, there are three technologies, made for improving the monitoring of weather conditions for agriculture:

  • IoT sensors;
  • satellite data and hardware stations;
  • AI and machine learning.

Summing up, weather changes forecasting empowers agriculture businesses to optimize resources and save crops. Moreover, it enables to automate decision-making on growing and harvesting periods as well as improve to the climate-smart agriculture concept.

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