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Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal, is characterized by the Mediterranean climate, which is divided into four seasons. The yearly precipitation amount is about 500 millimeters on average, which is relatively low. The abundant of rainfalls occur in the period from October to March.


The weather in summer is warm and sunny during the period from June to mid-September. The coldest time of the year is in July when temperatures reach 21°C. At the rest of the season, the average temperature is 30°C.


In autumn, the weather is relatively warm and sunny, however, November is characterized by cloudy and rainy days.


Winters, which lasts from December to February, are mild and relatively sunny. The average temperature ranges from 3 to 6°C during the day and drops below 0°C at night.


The period from March to May is spring, with mild and sunny weather.

About Algarve


One of the Portuguese distinctive features is its unique cuisine that depends on its strong flavors and diversity of food. Due to the influence of the Mediterranean, you’ll find here numerous seafood dishes with a hint of special spices. All locals recommend tasting Cataplana, Caldo Verde, Piri Piri Chicken, Fresh Fish, and Sardines.


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Lively coastal resorts, best golf courses, natural parks, wild beaches, and the restless Atlantic Ocean – all of these attract tourists across the world. Algarve can boast of numerous worth seeing sights of seeing, including Faro, Vila Real de Santo António, Sagres, Lagos, Serra de Monchique, and more, which are truly unique.

When to visit Algarve?

The best time of visiting Algarve depends on your purposes. Choose April and May for walks and hikes, or the period from June to August for beach vacations.

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