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The Cape Verde Archipelago comprises two groups of islands: the Barlavento on the north and the Sotavento on the south. In the north region, the precipitation amount is only 100 millimeters per year, while the southern one receives about 250 mm of rainfall yearly. The climate of Cape Verde is tropical and is divided into dry and wet seasons.

Wet Season

The coolest and wettest season of the year is the period from January to March, with the average daytime temperatures of about 23°C. Due to the north-east trade winds, the weather becomes colder starting from November.

Dry Season

The period from July to November is known as the dry season, which is characterized by hot and muggy weather. At this time of the year, the average temperatures reach up to 37°C. 

About Cape Verde

The archipelago Cape Verde comprises ten volcanic islands, nine of which are inhabited, located about 600 km west of Senegal, off the African coast. 


Cape Verde suggests cafes and restaurants for both meat lovers and vegetarians. All dishes of the local cuisine differ in freshness and unique flavors, so you won’t regret if visiting A Grelha So Mar, O’Caranguejo, or Tradisson e Morabeza.


Cape Verde is famous for its fantastic romantic resorts and hotels, which are made for those who want to relax and enjoy every moment of the trip. The most popular accommodations over here are Hotel Morabeza, Odjo d’Agua, Dunas de Sal, and Quinta da Montanha.


Each attraction of Cape Verde provides an authentic experience full of unforgettable emotions. If you want to plan your trip beforehand, include Praia de Santa Maria, Pedra do Lume Salt Crater, São Vicente, and Pico do Fogo to your list of places you want to see.

When to visit Cape Verde?

Thanks to a relatively stable climate of Cape Verde, you can visit this place any time during the year. However, in order to avoid cool winter months with strong winds and high humidity, it is better to choose May, June, the first half of July, or November for your long-awaited trip.

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