How to Assess the Effects of Weather Events on Agriculture by Means of Meteorological and Climate Indices

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Meteorological Factors That Affects Agriculture and Crops

Those who deal with agriculture understand the importance of weather forecasting in planting crops. Climate has a significant and even decisive effect on the harvest quality, and, consequently, on its value. To make sure in it, here is a list of meteorological factors that affect agriculture productivity:

  • temperature;
  • air pressure;
  • humidity;
  • cloud cover;
  • wind speed and direction;
  • the intensity of solar radiation;
  • and precipitation.

All of these indices can be divided into two categories: periodic and nonperiodic. The first group differs in diurnal and annual variations and is determined by the rotation of the Earth on its axis and around the Sun. Such indices are the easiest to predict. As for the second category, they are based in particular on the shifting of air masses, which is harder to forecast. However, weather APIs are made to determine current and past weather conditions in order to create an accurate forecast.

The Influence of Weather API Data on Agro-Industry

The well-timed weather forecast can prevent numerous problems in agriculture like a disrupted mineral balance or disease of soil, the distribution of weeds and pests due to the extremely wet climate, or, on the contrary, desiccation of the soil because of dry weather conditions. solves these questions by predicting weather and climate changes within a concrete period of time. Use this app to improve your crops and business in general. 

Pick the plan that will fit you the most, and enter the location you want to explore. Once you subscribe to the website, you will obtain up-to-date weather data daily.

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