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Due to the coastal and hilly microclimates, the Gran Canaria climate suggests four seasons. The weather conditions vary mostly depending on the location, as the territory along the coast, as well as inland areas, have various climatic features. However, the weather over here changes month by month.


Summertime runs from mid-May to the end of September. This season is the hottest time of year, with the average daily temperatures reach 32ºC and night temperatures range from 19ºC to 22ºC.


Autumn is the shortest season in Gran Canaria. During October and November, the weather is comfortable enough for relaxing on the beach all day long, except evenings and nights, when the temperatures drop. Besides, the sea temperature ranges 24ºC, which is probably the warmest rates.


On the coasts, winters are mild and spring-like, while at the rest of the Gran Canaria winter months are cold. The majority of yearly precipitation occurs during this season.


Spring in Gran Canaria lasts from February to May. In February, average temperatures increase to 25ºC or even 30ºC during the day. At the coldest nights, the average temperatures drop below 17ºC.

About Gran Canaria

When visiting Gran Canaria, you definitely have to taste local dishes like Papas Arrugadas, Sardinas, Lapas, Gofio, Berros, and Queso de flor.


If you’re visiting Gran Canaria for the first time, you definitely need to book a stunning apartment somewhere in Las Palmas, Maspalomas, Puerto del Mogán, or next to Playa del Inglés. These areas are considered to be the most popular both among the locals and tourists. 


If you’re wondering how to spend your upcoming vacations in Gran Canaria except laying on the beach, pay your attention to the most popular attractions like Maspalomas Dunes, Las Palmas, Palmitos Park, or Poema del Mar.

When to visit Gran Canaria?

The best time for planning a trip to Gran Canaria is from May to October. This period perfectly fits for visiting cities and attending excursions to the interior of the island.

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