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Sailors and yachtsmen can go out in different weather conditions, but sometimes with heavy rain or strong wind, chill on the water will not be very comfortable. However, the lack of wind will also not allow you to have full experience of the romance of sailing. You need to figure out what to wear and what clothes to take with you, should you disembark now or just go for a water walk. Looking for your “perfect storm”? will come to the rescue !

What is the best marine weather for yachting?

Along with checking the technical condition of the yacht, the skipper must have a safe trip plan on the yacht. The weather forecast is an important part of this for any transitions. Before going to sail, in order not to get into weather disasters and not to spoil the long-awaited sea holiday, you need to check the weather forecast in detail for the next few days.

Good marine weather is important for any sailor. If you are a junior yachtsman or an experienced “sea wolf”, it is best to avoid a serious storm or a critical increase in wind. Therefore, even when you are planning to go sailing, you should consult the weather Bureau’s forecast, request a summary from the coast guard or emergency response services. The safety of crew members and passengers must always be in the first place. And in case of impending violence of the elements, it is better to postpone going on sailing.

Weather API role in climate changes 

Every skipper knows that sometimes the climate could change very quickly, and a storm could break out at the most unexpected moment. When going on a marine trip, you should always have several sets of clothing on Board. And one of them should include warm waterproof items. gives a lot of advice to the skipper, which will allow you to easily calculate the signs of good and bad weather.

•signs of prolonged bad weather 

•signs of good weather 

•signs of weather deterioration 

•signs of improvement in the weather 

•signs of a storm warning 

•the signs of approaching strong winds helps you analyze all the signs and compare them with weather forecasts, as well as easily predict weather conditions.

It is better for an inexperienced skipper not to take any risks and go on a sea trip only during the day when the weather is clear, in this case you will get more pleasure from yachting and will not get into trouble.

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