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Hey! What’s the first thing you open on your smartphone in the morning? Instagram ? Facebook? Checking the news ? I think that each of us also checks the weather. There is something very interesting about how humans interact with it and the forces of nature. Weather can influence on our moods and how we live. So let’s discuss the role of weather APIs in our daily lives.

Weather data should be open to everyone. Above all other types of data, the weather is the most critical to our daily lives. Since everyone can benefit from it.
Weather API is one of the most popular APIs we use in our everyday life.

What is a weather API?

Weather APIs are Application Programming Interfaces that provide access to current & historical weather data on a global scale.

Weather APIs give detailed information beyond just temperature, precipitation and humidity, but also UV index and pollution levels. Time series data lets you discover trends and patterns, and plan events based on weather conditions.

Weather API can also be a useful resource for disaster management, as some come with built-in alerting and notification mechanisms on a global scale.

The weather data collected every day can have a range of new benefits if it is made open and interpreted in the right way.

A surprisingly vast amount of weather data is freely available online to anybody wanting to use it.



weather •Weather

Fast and reliable

• Current gives you access to:


•Past weather

•5- and 16-day forecasts.


•UV Index


data for years back

•Long term weather

•Air pollution and historical data

forecast for 7 days

• Historical data for 5 previous days





Weather APIs

are Application Programming Interfaces that allow you to connect to large databases of Information about the weather has always been an important part of our lives, and we can’t stop checking on it, especially during commuting. From rain, fog and snow to hurricane, tornado, and cyclone, the weather can be unpredictable.

Our advice for all of you will be: Weather APIs are very useful, especially if you’re going somewhere or planning something. More information you can find on this site: . Hope we helped everyone with this article.

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