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Nowadays there are a lot of funs of skiing . After all, driving on snow – covered hills isn’t only gives you an adrenaline rush, it is also an aesthetic pleasure.

Good weather for skiing is a choice of right and appropriate temperature, as well as the absence of snowfall. In order not to think for a long time whether the weather outside the window is suitable for a ski trip, or not, read this “weather-ski” article. Following this article you will learn, what should be the air temperature and the surface of the ski track for a walk.

What weather is suitable for skiing?

The most suitable weather for this is the absence of snowfall and strong winds.
According to specialists, adults and children from 10 years can safely go skiing if the weather is not colder than -15…-18 degrees, and it’s sunny and no wind. If it is colder outside, your walk will not bring proper pleasure, and skiing could go bad.

In calm sunny weather, skiing is recommended with temperature not below minus 16-18 degrees, for children – minus 13-15 degrees. With moderate wind and high humidity, which increase human feeling of cold, temperature threshold is minus 10-12 degrees for adults and minus 5-6 degrees for children. It is undesirable to neglect these norms: active movements in the cold weather are fraught with hypothermia and frostbite in open areas of your body, and for those who work intensively, it could bring you bronchitis and even bronchial asthma.

What to wear to avoid sickness ?

Wearing suitable clothes is important to avoid getting sick. In cold weather, when going to ski lodge, wear thermal underwear. The second layer is a shirt made from natural fabrics. The third layer is a wool sweater, sweatpants, sweater and windproof jacket. Don’t forget a wool hat, mittens and socks.

Manufacturers have tried to satisfy all the tastes of even the most capricious buyers. A variety of models, a wide range of colors will allow you to make a perfect choice of your set of equipment and clothing.

Useful tips:

  • Nature in mountains is magnificent, it is unique, scenery is fascinating with its beauty and snow-white virginity. Among the fans of skiing there are professionals, amateurs, and those who decided to have their first try at this sport. But no matter what category you belong to, it is important to properly prepare for skiing.
  • Preparing your body means avoiding unpleasant sprains and possible injuries. If you have, for example, a week left before your planned ski trip, doing daily training sessions of thirty minutes duration will help you stay in shape. Quiet running, roller skating, swimming, and cycling are good options. A regular gym will also help out, but you need to take into account that we give all our strength to train muscles of your back and legs. There are modern fitness clubs and special programs for those who are going to get on skis.
  • Thebesttimeforskiingismorningorevening.

The most suitable day for a ski trip is when the thermometer does not fall below 12 degrees. But this is not all the conditions for a healthy sport. First, it is better to check the weather forecast in advance. Secondly, skiing in strong winds and snowfall, and even more so in a snowstorm, is strictly prohibited. In severe cold, the best solution is to postpone your trip. And if you still venture out during thaw, you will need a special lubricant for your skis. The best option for this sport is light frosty weather, when snow has just fallen, and there is almost no wind. The best time is morning or evening, at this time of day that physical activity has the most beneficial effect on the body.

Weather API role in skiing

When you are going to go for a winter walk, along with your skis, be sure to check the weather. Information about what the weather will be provides . In any case, do not go on a ski trip if the temperature on your thermometer suddenly shows lower than it should be .

It is forbidden to ski if there is a terrible snowstorm outside. Also, carefully inspect snow surface on your ski run: if it has formed a dense ice crust, then you can not ski on such a dangerous surface, because you will only hopelessly ruin skis.

Sunny weather with a light frost, with just fallen snow, is well suited, this ride will be a real pleasure. Even if it’s a little slushy outside. You just need to choose the right ski ointment. And your trip will provide a lot of fun.

So , we discussed all the important things you need to know for safe skiing. Weather plays an important role in this sport. Don’t forget to check it out on . Have a nice ski trip !

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