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It is no secret that tourism industry depends largely on climate and its changes. Many people plan their trips based on the weather conditions at their destination. It is important for everyone to spend their vacation in pleasant climatic conditions. Success of tourist business also depends on weather forecast for the season. Hardly anyone wants to spend vacation during rainy season or face the cold. The weather api is an integral part for both sides in tourism.

Tourism application can involve dozens of data sources. Maps, reviews, places of interest, transportation options, air travel booking, tour booking, weather reports, food and beverage choices and other information tourists can use.

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, for tourism information can help.

Climate and tourism interconnection

The travel industry is one of the biggest and fastest-growing sectors globally, and weather has become one of its main selling factors. Whether booking a ski trip or a beach vacation , weather and climate are the main influencing factors on the choice of destination, ahead of even cost and timing.

However reviews of tourism websites and promotional materials have shown that most tourism operators provide limited climate information to potential travellers, with the most common practice to provide only average monthly temperatures.

Travel Agents and Booking sites that do not display climate and forecast information are jeopardizing sales, as the majority of users will leave their site in search of this content. The only way to

maximize profits is to create a good user experience, and give the customers want they want.
Not only is climate information highly desired by users, but similarly current weather conditions and short-range forecasts are the most important factor in ‘last minute’ domestic leisure tourism. Equally this does not only apply to recreational tourists . Business tourists rely heavily on accurate, short-term weather information for routing decisions in order to avoid delays and diversions.

Travel and booking agents on the other hand can use weather and climate information to legitimize pre-departure contact to promote value-added services such as car rental and insurance.

The Weather API

weather is a powerful fully managed free weather and geolocation API provider that provides extensive APIs that range from the weather forecast, historical weather, IP lookup, and astronomy through to sports, time zone, and geolocation.

This is what provides free API for different types of data.

  • Real-time weather
  • Up to 14 day hourly weather forecast
  • Historical hourly weather forecast (from 1-Jan-2010 onwards)
  • Astronomy
  • Time Zone
  • IP Lookup

gives you access to lightning-fast data to meet all

your needs for up-to-date


information. With the


, you

can get accurate historical, current, and forecast


about any location around the world.

  • Sports API
  • Map API (Coming soon)
  • Location data
  • Up to 99.99% uptime.
  • Climate and weather are important factors in tourists’ decision making and also influence the successful operation of tourism businesses. More specifically, climate is defined as the prevailing condition observed as a long term average in a location. In contrast, weather is the manifestation of climate at a specific point in time and place. Being prepared for any weather surprises will help you

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