Weather forecast : process of making it and importance in our life

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Currently, climate and weather conditions in any developed country have a large, including negative, impact on the economy. Every year, various disasters occur in the world, as a result of which people die, and the damage caused by such disasters can amount to millions of dollars. But if you respond to the forecasts of hydrometeorological services in a timely manner, you can partially, and sometimes completely avoid losses and human casualties.

Weather forecast is important not only for ordinary citizens to solve everyday issues, such as “what to wear”, “how and where to relax” and the like. Accurate weather forecasts are essential for many sectors of the economy, such as agriculture, construction, and transport, including the most weather – dependent types- aviation and water.

How is a Weather Forecast Made?

In forecasting the weather, a Meteorologist must at least know something about the existing weather condition over a large area before he can make a reliable forecast. The accuracy of his forecast depends largely upon his knowledge of the prevailing weather conditions over a very wide area. The forecast decision is based on various forecasting tools. The basic tool of a weather forecaster is the weather map. Here is sample of how the weather map looks like.

The weather map depicts the distribution patterns of atmospheric pressure, wind, temperature and humidity at the different levels of the atmosphere. There are two types of the basic weather mapnamely,

the surface map and the upper-air maps. There are five standard levels of the upper-air maps that are constructed twice daily at twelve-hourly interval. The surface maps are made four times daily at six-hourly intervals. On the surface maps, the distribution patterns of rain or other forms of precipitation and cloudiness can also be delineated.

1st Step: Observation

2nd Step: Collection and Transmission of Weather Data

3rd Step: Plotting of Weather Data

4th Step: Analysis Of Weather Maps, Satellite And Radar Imageries And Other Data

5th Step: Formulation of the Forecast

After the analysis of all available meteorological information/data has been completed, the preparation of forecasts follows. The first and one of the preliminary steps is the determination as accurately as the data permit, of the location 24 hours hence of the different weather systems and the existing weather over a particular region. In many cases a fairly satisfactory estimate of the direction and rate of movement may be made by simply measuring the movement during the last 12 or 24 hours and then extrapolating, or extending, this movement into the future and hence what weather will be experienced in different areas in the immediate future.

Weather forecasting importance 

 The goal of weather prediction is to provide people and organizations with useful information, which helps everyone  reduce weather-related losses and enhance societal benefits, including protection of life and property, public health and safety, and support of economic prosperity and quality of life. 

The following is a list of various reasons why weather forecasts are important: 

1. Helps people prepare for how to dress 

2. Helps businesses and people plan for power production and how much power to use 

3. Helps people prepare if they need to take extra gear to prepare for the weather 

4. Helps people plan outdoor activities 

5. Helps curious people to know what sort of weather can be expected 

6. Helps businesses plan for transportation hazards that can result from the weather 

7. Helps people with health related issues to plan the day 

8. Helps farmers and gardeners plan for crop irrigation and protection 

9.Helps people involved with certain activities to know if conditions will be good 

10. Helps people plan for when to do certain activities that are influenced by weather 

Let’s sum up, the weather forecast makes our lives easier and allows us to plan. After checking the weather data, we know what to expect from today or we can make plans for several weeks ahead. We can easily find out the weather in different countries and regions, and check the weather conditions for work, if it directly depends on them. Just one click and gives you all the information you need.

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